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Benefits of advanced Teeth Whitening

Advanced Cosmetics now offers Advanced Teeth Whitening using all natural, mineral based ingredients that contribute to the strengthening of the enamel. Davinci is the industry's teeth whitening brand that is recognized for their commitment in evolving through the best quality ingredients. Manufacturing the whitening gel within the USA, the accelerated gel are the only true all natural, plant and mineral based gels that contain no preservatives. The active ingredient is a food grade (17%) hydrogen peroxide. Other teeth whitening formulas contain preservatives and are not natural and not recommended to use with a LED light.

At Advanced Cosmetics we use LED lights to active the ingredients and add to the accelerated teeth whitening process which allows for 4-6 shades whiter. The formula we use is non-abrasive that does not cause damage to previous work that you have had done. Crown and Veneers accumulate staining an respond well to the whitening system that we have.

If you are prone to sensitivity, we have a product that is applied prior to treatment and aids in reliving that sensitivity. Davinci is registered with the FDA and a member of the holistic dental association HDA. We have no animal testing are gluten free, and vegan and all of the gels are made within the United States. Each session is 1 hour long that is divided up into 3- 20 min intervals. The reason for this is that the pores of the teeth need a chance to open which contributes to the deep removal. Pores are open then for 24 hours and each session goes deeper into stain removal giving out clients the maximum benefits of teeth whitening.

The results last 6 months and to maintain the teeth whitening we recommend a new whitening session then. We also sell at home whitening kits to help maintain your sessions and this kit contains 12 syringes, mouth trays, mouth tray case and instructions that will last for 1 year. We also sell a whitening pen that instantly brightens the teeth which is designed to instantly brighten teeth by removing the film left behind by food, beverage, and tobacco. This also improves bad breath by killing bacteria in the mouth.

We are running a summer special for only $150 which normally goes for $222

please contact 503-510-0444 to schedule your appointment today!

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