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Commitment Phobic? Give Your Lingering Loot A Second Look. Overcoming Fear For Cosmetic Procedures.

Have you been thinking about getting cosmetic procedures that enhance your beauty like Microblading, Lip Blushing, Eyeliner, Freckles or Beauty Marks? Whatever self improvement options that are available today you choose to enhance yourself physically, emotionally, educationally or socially this year, it’s certainly not uncommon for the START of each year to be ALL about “reinventing” yourself and setting goals. Whether for physical enhancement, re-balancing, beautification or correction of a scar or stretch marks. You have far more options today, than your parents did in years gone by. We initially think of the word "Permanent Cosmetic" as a sharpie drawn on eyebrow, but today we have made far strides in the cosmetic beauty world thats transitioned to this entire new definition of beauty. You are not alone to have hesitations or even fears about undertaking such a cosmetic procedure, many people struggle with the actual process of following through and booking an appointment. The word 'permanent' sounds scary, however cosmetic procedures now are semi-permanent. This means that the ink thats being placed under the skin only lays within the epidermis region of the skin (the initial top layer) and actual tattoos go much further hence, the longevity in tattoos. Permanent Makeup requires you to get touch-ups every 8 months to 1 yer to maintain the color and affect. So, instead of looking at this as a permanent procedure, compare it more to getting your nails done, hair done, botox, or filler injections. You have to continuously go back to maintain the look you are wanting. The great aspect of permanent makeup however; is the time frame of which you need touch-ups. Typically every 8-12 months is normal and in the long run, this can save you tons of money and time with makeup application daily.

There are so many amazing benefits to be taken into consideration that can truly change individual's lives through their confidence being restored.

Countless people all over the world have anxiety and fear when it comes to surgery, injections and even minor procedures, even when they are relatively free of significant pain. In any cosmetic procedure, medical grade topical anesthetic numbing cream is applied first to the skin to dramatically reduce the affects of any pain.

Most people reduce their fears about having cosmetic procedures or their anxiety by:

  • Talking to other people who have experienced the same procedure and investigated their choice of a cosmetic practitioner to be sure they are qualified or a top cosmetic artist in their field.

  • Making sure their cosmetic practitioner is licensed and has gone through proper training in all aspects. You should take time looking through their website and social media platforms to get a general idea of their personal work and experience.

  • Choosing a cosmetic practitioner they feel confident and relaxed talking to – you’ll want to feel comfortable to ask your cosmetic practitioner ANY and ALL questions (in other words, a cosmetic practitioner is a good listener and great communicator is best for cosmetic clients who are overly anxious and prone to asking a lot of questions)

  • Learning more about the procedure itself and the risks so you can have detailed, informed conversations about your procedure choices

  • Finding out how to properly prepare for your procedure and what the aftercare involves.

  • Keeping risks in perspective- there is minimal risks involved and NO downtime to recover. If you choose your cosmetic practitioner carefully by diligent research, then you can ensure receiving the best work that will involve absolutely no risks. If you try to go with the 'cheapest' option then you are more than likely choosing someone who has minimal experience.Typically cosmetic practitioners that offer lower cosmetic rates, are brand new in the industry and trying to build a clientele list. You don't want to be someones test subject to practice on since this is your face.

Fear is not a bad thing to have, unless it's in the extreme format that stops you from doing or having what you're really wanting. Reasonable fear is a good thing about cosmetic procedures. Take proper time to do enough research to drastically lower that fear and get the cosmetic procedure o your dreams!

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