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Ink-less Stretchmark Camouflage-The Difference Between Over The Counter Serums & Medical Grade Serum

What is the difference between over the counter serums and medical grade serums?

Over the counter serums can be applied only topically to the skin which means, that they are safer to use when applied on the outer layer of the skin.

The inkiness stretch mark revision requires some opening of the skin created by the needles of the tattoo machine. This makes the medical grade serum penetrate into the deeper layer of the skin. Using over the counter serums can lead to prolonged hyperpigmentation that could last up to three months.

Medical grade skincare means that serum is made with higher potency and concentration of active ingredients. They are designed to penetrate and affect the deeper layer of the skin while over counter skincare are formulated to only be applied on the surface of the skin.

Using medical grade ingredients from our serum only gives us better results but it also reduces the healing period of the treated area. The healing period is 1-3 months with medical grade formulation. But with New Conceal the healed results were reported as early as 1 week and longest reported healing was 4 weeks. This reduces the stress felt by every client patiently waiting.

Nue Conceal works in two ways-

When the skin is damaged or cut deeply, the damage will turn into a wound which could then turn into a scar. However, when the trauma of the skin is minimal and just the right depth; it can make the skin look and feel better. When the skin is damaged, the wound will send a signal into our brain that basically says there is a bridge that needs to be closed. The brain then activates the collagen of the skin to fix that opening. If the damage of the skin is too deep, the collagen will be able to fix the skin and give it its function. If the opening is shallow, the production of the collagen can make the skin look better. This is why there is a lot of treatments on the market that does this specific principle such as micro needling, fractional laser, and hifu.

Another factor that makes Nue Concel Clear (Inkless Serum) very effective in treating stretch marks is the serum used. Due Clear serum being medical grade is safer and more effective in treating stretch marks. It is also specifically formatted to treat stretch marks using a needling procedure. The needling procedure will activate the collagen production of the stretch marks. The serum will help multiply that collagen production. It also boosts the melanin, which is responsible for giving our skin color in the elastin which gives the skin flexibility.

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