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The Origin of Stretch marks

The origin of the stretch mark is based in the middle layer of the skin, the dermis. This layer is responsible for providing elasticity to the skin and supporting its structure. When a person experiences rapid stretching of their skin due to weight gain, pregnancy, or puberty- the dermis is not able to keep u with the sudden change in size and shape. These narrow lines that form on the skin due to rapid changes in the body can appear anywhere on the body that experienced growth- abdomen, buttocks, hips, arms and legs.

Some individuals may be genetically predisposed of having less skin elasticity due to the genetic makeup. Teenagers going through puberty ad hormonal change, can experience this as well.

Elastin is the main component of the elastic fibers and provides both stretch and elasticity to the skin, It gives our skin ability to expand and contract as needed while being able to retain its original shape. Sun exposure and smoking are two contributors that can have a negative impact in our skins ability to stretch without forming marks or tears.

As a result, small tears occur within and beneath the layer, causing the formation of stretch marks. Though not considered an immediate health concern, stretch marks can cause many people to feel self conscious or embarrassed.

Stretchmarks can appear on all ages and genders in infact, 80% of the adult population has them! After the age of 20 a person produces about 1% less collage in skin each year making the skin more thinner and more fragile.

For those looking for ways to reduce the visibility of existing stretchamrks; topical creams containing retinoids are one option while extreme cases may lead to surgery. While there are several options available for reducing their visibility if desired; there should ultimately be acceptance by each individual embracing this as part of who they are.

For people who prefer to have it removed, there is a non-invasive and high effective treatment that is proven to work for stretch marks and it's called; Inkiness Stretchmark Treatment. This treatment is becoming widely known especially in the United States as ISR. The serum is inkiness but inserted into the skin with a machine without using ink. The serum used is made up of high potency active ingredients that are supposed to generate collage production of the skin.

Now available at Advanced Cosmetics, we can truly help you achieve the results you are looking for through ISR; INKLESS STRETCH MARK REVISION TREATMENT

Please email Jordin Lynn at or call 503-510-0444

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